Company Profile

Lion of Africa travel CC was founded in 2002 , just a few months before the Total Solar Eclipse which passed through Musina in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Lion of Africa group tour undertaken was in fact to view the 100% solar eclipse. Moreover, the concept of the Lion of Africa Logo was derived from this event.  The Lion as the Moon eclipsing the African Sun. What a spectacular happening this was. It was unusual since as a result of clouds in the area there was a 360 degree sunset effect on the horizon, together with a Midnight black sky dotted with stars, and of course the sun obscured by the moon. Awesome!

The focus of Lion of Africa Tours is to bring the visitor as close to nature as possible, where he or she can relax and be revitalised by glimpsing the miracle of creation. This could be the awesome and beautiful sight of the Victoria Falls, the splendour of animals in the bush, or admiring the uniqueness of Table Mountain from across the bay, or simply having sudowners while with the many colours of the rainbow painting the sky. Of course if you happen to be a romantic, then let Lion of Africa arrange a Safari bush wedding you.

Lion of Africa works mostly with smaller or private groups or individuals to assure a unique and personalised experience. Accommodation is all luxury 4 or 5 star, except for National Parks accommodation, or where a client has a budgetary constraint that we can accommodate.

The founder, Ian Dove, has had much experience in the South African outdoors , from the bush to beach and Mountains to meandering rivers. He has a trained voice, and is a keen photographer.

Ian enjoys occasionally going out with clients, in which case you may be treated to a song or two, some tips on photography, stories from past tours, and a witty sense of humour.


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